The Bottom Line Natalie Noa
I write because I love it. Hopefully you love what you do, too. The intersection of those two simple truths forms the foundation of what I do: I tell people why what you do is amazing in a way that resonates with the person we’re talking to.

B.A., English, The University of South Florida
B.S., Exercise Science, Florida State University

I have been writing my entire life. I started getting paid for it in 2010. As a freelance writer, I have crafted content for

  • brochures
  • web pages
  • direct mail pieces
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • print & radio ads

I also offer editing/proofreading services and have an unhealthy enjoyment of catching typos.

My specialties are the medical, health and wellness, and senior services markets. However, I welcome opportunities from any and all industries. Tampa, Florida is where my home is, but my business can travel anywhere my laptop can.