The Indigestion and Nightmares are Totally Worth It

The Indigestion and Nightmares are Totally Worth It

Sorry for disappearing. There are some changes a-brewin’ in my little corner of the blogosphere, so stay tuned for that.

Plus, Camp Noa was a little busy hosting my brother and his adorable girlfriend for a few days. Some of the best days since we’ve been in Virginia, actually. We made quite a fabulous foursome.

We figured the best way to celebrate the freedoms and independence of these United States of America was to gorge ourselves on frozen yogurt, pear cider (ahem, me), eating out, sightseeing and the Investigation Discovery channel. There wasn’t an unfun moment in the entire four days they stayed with us, with the exception of that thunderstorm following us all the way home from D.C. When the rain and lightning grew to terrifying intensity, my first reaction was the curl up in the fetal position on the floorboard and sing the first hymn I could remember. But then I realized I was driving and should perhaps focus more on the zero visibility in front of my headlights rather than the words to “Holy, Holy, Holy.” I was shaking for about four hours after we got home.

The whole Noa clan is missing having a full house. Bryson spent the better part of Wednesday morning whining and whimpering and pacing at the front door after his short-term roommates left. And pulling myself out of bed to make the long trek to the couch to work has been toooough. (Insert your resentment here.) To commemorate our super fun visit, I have kept with the traditions of overflowing bowls of frozen yogurt and disturbing murder mysteries. But, sadly, it just ain’t the same around here.

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