Spring Surprises

Spring Surprises

I love surprises. Always have. In fact, much of my marriage has been explaining in painful detail to my husband exactly how I’d like him to surprise for me birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and on and on and on. He loves has grown to tolerate it.

Virginia is finally Spring-ing. Every few days, it will still drop to the 50s, but for the most part, we’re all sprung. Right on into a blooming, blossoming springtime. And here are some of the fun surprises that have accompanied spring so far.

We have flowers! Or, more precisely, we’re renting flowers that are sort of a package deal with our rental house. No green thumbs over here, but watching them bloom for a day or two before my inactivity kills them has been delightful!

On the lookout for a reasonably priced, shirtless gardener

And then a package! That contained tiny little affirmations of legitimacy! Tell your friends.

Head On

From the back

The most surprising accomplishment thus far was running the Trot for Teal 5k (my first in several years) without collapsing on the course.  This rekindled romance between running and I (and the nagging knee pain that threatens to tear us apart) may become a post in itself.

Still walkin' it out in place

Hand on Hip: Slimming and Supportive

More springtime plans are on the horizon, the most exciting ones involving Florida sunshine and faraway friends. 

What plans do you have for basking in the brightness ofspring?

2 Replies to “Spring Surprises”

  1. well, as you know, here in Tampa we miss the spring season and it skips from “winter” to almost-summer and dang-it’s-summer. I’m trying to enjoy the almost-summer…good for you with the 5K!

  2. I certainly remember those Florida non-seasons. (And if I didn’t, I’m here now with a big, humid reminder.) I always want to high-five you when you write about running slowly. I’m all about it! Keep writing, April…I love every post.

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