Updates. Because you’re riveted. And because working on Fridays is overrated.

Updates. Because you’re riveted. And because working on Fridays is overrated.

Did I mention that I’m freelancing full time? Yeah, that happened. Sorry if you didn’t get invited to the party, but you wouldn’t have come anyway. It was in God-forsaken Newport News.

We added to our family. Her name is Tyra and she is a sparkly black 2011 Honda Civic and awesome and I love her and throw out that coffee because we’re leasing.

The gym has been oh-so-good to my moods. And my love handles.

Clayton and I stumbled upon a little jewel called Friday Night Lights. Unfortunately, we started watching about halfway through the last season and the series finale was a couple of weeks ago. But we were not deterred. Every night since it ended, we’ve been making our way through the first season online. Without fail, we’ve laughed and cried and gasped and nodded in understanding during every single episode. I haven’t done enough research to know if I should be embarrassed by or proud of this obsession, but either way, we cancelled our DirecTV premium 80,000 channel package, so the timing is fantastic. Go Panthers! (Until they’re the Lions.) If you have any interest whatsoever, this series finale recap could be the funniest show recap ever. (You might need to know a little about the show to enjoy it as much as I did.)

Because I used mind control tricks and my patented mumble-talk, my mom agreed to walk the Gasparilla 5k with me. Really big deal for the Alvarez’s, and I am out of my mind proud of her. Thanks to that and this gal’s wedding,

I’ll be in Tampa in less than a week. I’m planning on staying anywhere from 8 days to the rest of my life. We’ll see how it goes.

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